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The 39 Steps GCSE: A Revision Booklet (AQA) Pre-order Now!

Please note, this is a pre-order title and so may not be available in time for the May 2019 exams. Estimated publication date: 21st May 2019.

Written specifically for AQA's Component 1: Understanding Drama, this A5 revision booklet is the perfect resource for your students in the lead up to the exam.
If you place a bulk order for this product (10 or more), one FREE teacher copy will be added to your order. This FREE copy will be added automatically at the point of dispatch-you don't need to add it in to your basket. (Only one free teacher copy per bulk order. Minimum order of 10 to qualify) Learn More
Plays One by Duncan Macmillan

Duncan Macmillan's Every Brilliant Thing has proven very popular with Drama teachers and so we're sure you will love having a collection of more Macmillan plays for your bookshelves. In particular, one of the titles within this collection, Monster, is a big hit with us at the EHD offices...

Learn More
National Theatre Connections 2019

The National Theatre Connections are some of our best selling collections of plays and we're excited that the 2019 collection is now available for pre-order. Always a great selection of plays, compiled specifically to engage students with thought-provoking drama.

Expected publication 13th June 2019. Pre-order now and we'll dispatch as soon as it is in stock. Learn More
Sam. The Good Person. By Declan Perring

A brand new title which we are sure you will enjoy as much as we have. We'd love to know what you think of this one - it's fresh, thought provoking and bound to spark discussion. And the class work that could lead from this text is endless... Learn More
Who Cares by Matt Woodhead

In Salford alone, 34,000 children are caring for someone. Learn More
Running on the Cracks by Julia Donaldson

"Run. Keep running. You're doing the right thing. Lay low. Head down. Don't look back. Just keep running. And whatever you do, don't tread on the cracks..."

Leo's world has been turned upside down. Her parents are gone and her bird-loving uncle is getting too close for comfort. She is only sure of one thing...she must get out.

In a desperate bid to find the grandparents she never knew, Leo jumps on a train to Glasgow, penniless and stealing food to survive. A nationwide hunt for her begins. Will she track down her grandparents, or will her uncle get to her first? Learn More
The Perfectly Timed Death of an Imaginary Friend by Kieran Lynn

WE LOVE THIS PLAY! We don't often say that about a play but we think it's a a brilliantly imaginative choice for your Key Stage Three classes, especially for your Year 7s. Learn More
Blister by Laura Lomas

A tense relationship drama which examines how the effects of one moment can ripple through a galaxy of lives.

An ordinary summer's day. Liam is about to make a decision he will spend a lifetime regretting. One day. One mistake. Seven futures sent spiralling. Learn More
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Resource Pack (Book 1)

Content covered:
choosing an appropriate theatre space for this play, creating a ground plan and the design features to use/terminology on this ground plan, the actor/audience relationship for this play, using a composite set design, why adopting a minimalist set design might be beneficial for this play, the acoustics of the chosen performance space, creating sound cue sheets for extracts, using sound effects and the sound demands of this play, preparing costume plots and considering the main character representations through their costumes, colour symbolism and how it could be used with this play, Christopher's association with various colours, how to convey the changing depictions of Judy on stage, fabric and hairstyle choices for characters, depicting Christopher as a 'typical' teenager through his costume, the intensity, colour, form and movement of lighting choices, how to approach lighting choices when looking at an extract, type of lights available and their benefits, the positioning of lights, lighting angles, using the McCandless lighting system, using different lighting areas on a stage for various locations. Learn More
Rise Up by Lisa Evans

Winner of Best Play for Young Audiences in the Writers’ Guild Awards 2016

The tide was turning – though local governments disagreed, it would soon be illegal to segregate black Americans from white Americans on public buses, in waiting rooms or in restaurants. And yet – in the early 1960s, many states across the south of America kept discriminating against African-Americans… Learn More

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